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Seminars in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Seminars at Wushu TaeKwondo Academy

The Wushu Taekwon-Do Academy hosts workshops in Whitehouse Station NJ!

Contact Master Christopher Leyesa 

Saturday December 2:       8:30-10:30am   Traditional double daggers form

                                            Noon-2pm       Taiji Paired routine section 1

                                            3:30-5:30pm    Taiji Pushing Hands

Sunday December3:           8:30-10:30pm   Sun style Taijiquan 1

                                            Noon-2pm       Sun style Taijiquan 2

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to Apr 29

Spring 2018 Workshops with Grandmaster Li Deyin

DC Tai Chi is honored to host Grandmaster Li Deyin for workshops in Washington DC!

Professor Li returns to DC, offering several chances to study with one of the top ten Masters in China. 

Friday April 27:               6:30-8:30pm   Taiji Paired routine section 1

Saturday April 28:           9am-12:30pm   World Tai Chi Day on the National Mall

                                        3:30-5:30pm       Taiji Paired routine section 2

                                        6:30pm        Dinner at Shanghai Lounge 

Sunday April 29:             9:30-11:30am     Taiji Paired routine section 3

                                        1:30pm-3:30pm        Taiji Paired routine section 4

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