Tai Chi





Tuesdays  Fu style Liangyi/Yin Bagua 6 - 7 pm  (Stoddert Elementary:  4001 Calvert St. NW)*

Thursdays Traditional Sun style Taiji 6 - 7 pm  (Stoddert Elementary:  4001 Calvert St. NW)* No class July 4th.

INTRODUCTORY CLASSES:                                                                                   

Classes are taught by Instructor Matt Stoffer

Thursdays  7 - 7:45 pm  (Stoddert Elementary:  4001 Calvert St. NW)*No class July 4th.

Saturdays  8:30 - 9:15 am  (Bryce Park, Massachusetts & Wisconsin, NW)**No class July 6th.


Kung Fu


Saturdays  Gongfu practice 8:30 - 9:30 am  (Bryce Park, Massachusetts & Wisconsin, NW)**

  Xingyiquan 5 elements & 8 forms  9:30 - 10:30 am (Bryce Park)**

Taiji Weapons

Tuesdays  Wudang Sword, Taiji Spear 7 - 8 pm  (Stoddert Elementary:  4001 Calvert St. NW)*

Thursdays  Taiji Broadsword, Taiji Fan 7 - 8 pm  (Stoddert Elementary:  4001 Calvert St. NW)*

Private Classes


By appointment  


*Stoddert classes meet outdoors on the courts on the west side of the building. In inclement weather, on the upstairs mezzanine. 

**Classes meet on the upper level of the Park. In inclement weather, indoors at Harris building, 3300 Whitehaven.

Master Gracenin personally teaches all ongoing classes, including those at:    

  • Equinox Sports Club DC - Tai Chi: Tuesday 10am & Saturday 11:45am, Stretch Essentials: Tuesday 11am Members and guests. For more information: 202-974-6600

  • Equinox Bethesda, MD - Tai Chi: Wednesday 11am, Restorative Stretch: Monday 6:45pm Members and guests. For more information: 301-652-1078

  • Friendship Village Community Center Chevy Chase, MD - Monday (Intro) & Wednesday (Ongoing) 9:30am Village residents and non-residents. For more information: 301-656-2797

  • Shenandoah Taijiquan Center, Winchester, VA - monthly workshops: May 19, June 30

    Advanced practitioners only. Wudang sword 10:30am, Advanced forms and applications Noon.

  • DC International School - Youth Kung Fu : Monday 4:15pm

  • Stoddert Elementary School - Teacher and Staff Tai Chi: Thursday 7:30am

  • The Woodley, Washington - Tai Chi (Introductory) Monday 8pm May 20 Residents and guests.