Tai Chi

Tai Chi, more properly Taijiquan, is a traditional Chinese martial art. Recognized for many benefits for health and wellness, the practice is embraced around the world by all ages. 

FORMS:  Standard Taijiquan, Sun Taijiquan, Combined Taijiquan, Fu Taijiquan,  Liangyiquan

WEAPONS FORMS:  Saber, sword, spear,  fan, big spear


Qigong is a traditional Chinese health exercise that enhances wellness. Based on the same theories as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong employs simple movements combined with breathing techniques and visualizations. Improved flexibility, circulation, balance and digestion are often reported by practitioners, along with better posture and relaxation.  

FORMS: Rooting Pine Qigong, Reeling Silk Qigong, Medical/Martial Qigong, Taoist Meditation


Baguazhang, the 8-diagram palm, is a traditional Chinese martial art which shares many fundamental principles with Taijiquan. A more vigorous level of training promotes cardiovascular health, and this "art of change" improves brain function.

FORMS:  Yin/Yang palms, Old 8 palms, Combined baguazhang, New 8 palms, Dragon palm
WEAPONS FORMS:  Staff, broadsword, big broadsword, sword,  deer horn hooks, Dragon shape long tasseled sword,  spear

Xing Yi

Xingyiquan is aptly named. The "form of the will" style of martial art is direct and powerful. A wonderful complement to Baguazhang, Xingyi is a rigorous discipline which displays a calm intensity. 

FORMS: 5 elements, 12 animals, 8 forms, Combined xingyiquan  

WEAPONS FORMS: Xingyi staff, saber, sword and spear

Huo style Baji Quan

Bajiquan is often called "the bodyguard's style" after being favored by many guards of Emperors and the nobility. Similar in many characteristics to Xingyiquan, Baji is a very direct no-nonsense style that is noted for explosive power.  

FORMS:  6 Da Kai, Xiao baji, Da baji, Dui da

WEAPONS FORMS:  Baji saber, staff, sword and spear.


Hao family Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis

Tracing heritage back to the legendary Shaolin Temple, Praying Mantis is a traditional style focused on martial application. 

FORMS:  Basic through advanced routines

WEAPONS FORMS:  Saber, staff, sword and spear, including the iconic double-handed long sword.





Long Fist Wushu

Especially well-suited to young people and athletes, Long fist, or Changquan, is characterized by large, dynamic movements that require and develop great agility and elastic power.

FORMS:  Basic through advanced routines

WEAPONS FORMS:  Saber, staff, sword and spear, double and flexible weapons.