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Seminars at Wushu Taekwondo Academy Whitehouse Station, New Jersey 

Seminars in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

The Wushu Taekwon-Do Academy hosts Grandmaster Gracenin and Master Timmons for more great workshops in Whitehouse Station, NJ!

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6-8pm Long fist and Southern Fist Basics and Form corrections GM Gracenin


8:30-10:30am 42-form Taijiquan (part 2) GM Gracenin

11:30am-1:30pm Short weapons Basics and form corrections GM Gracenin

  Flexible weapons (part 2) Master Joel Timmons

2:30-4:30pm Yin palm Baguazhang GM Gracenin

5-6pm Self-maintenance Massage for the martial artist M Timmons


8:30-10:30am Sun style Taiji Sword (part 2) GM Gracenin

12:30-2:30pm Long weapons Basics and form corrections GM Gracenin

Push hands (part2) M Timmons

Later Event: February 10
DC Tai Chi Lunar New Year Party!