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World Tai Chi Qigong Day April 25, 2020

Workshops Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Performance on the National Mall Saturday 10am

World Tai Chi Qigong Day April 25, 2020

Please arrive about 9:30am on the National Mall near the National Gallery of Art west building, on Madison Dr. between 4th and  7th. Nearby Metro stops are Archives and Judiciary Square.  

Performances will go from 10 - 11:15am. 

DC Tai Chi and DC International School performers, please wear performance uniforms, other performers, please wear all black.

There is no charge to participate, and we hope you’ll join us for this memorable event.

After demonstrations are over, there will be a photo session for the group. 

Lunch destination is Full Kee Restaurant on H St. between 5th and 6th. This is a 6 block walk from the Mall. If you prefer to Metro, go to Gallery Place/Chinatown. Saturday lunchtime parking in Chinatown is usually VERY difficult, FYI.